Perspectives for an Architecture of Solitude


Terryl N. KINDER (ed.)

Perspectives for an Architecture of Solitude: Essays on Cistercians, Art and Architecture in Honour of Peter Fergusson

Brepols-Cîteaux, 2004

X-409 p.;  29,7 cm.

“What was it that gave medieval art and architecture its form and style? What is it that attracts people to medieval art and architecture, especially that of the Cistercians? What shaped medieval buildings and determined their embellishments – and what now determines the way we look at them? Some of the most intriguing questions in monastic and ecclesiastical architecture and archaeology are discussed in this tribute to Peter Fergusson and his lifetime of scholarship as an historian of medieval art and architecture, especially of the Cistercians. These thirty-four essays range from a discussion of the earliest Christian legislation on art (fourth century) to an account of a garden project of 1811 designed to efface all previous monastic habitation. Between these chronological signposts are studies on the design, siting, building, and archaeology of churches, infirmaries, abbots’ lodgings, gatehouses, private chambers, grange chapels, and the life lived within and around them. Geographically, the papers range from the British Isles through Spain, France, Flanders, and Germany to the centre of the medieval world: Jerusalem. They treat of the complexities of building and re-building; of architectural and artistic adaptations to place, period, and political upheaval; of the interrelationship of text and structure; and of the form, iconography, and influence of some of the great cathedrals and churches of the Middle Ages. This is a wide-ranging and authoritative collection of studies which is essential reading for any historian of medieval — especially Cistercian — art and architecture.”


Table of Contents:

Terryl N. Kinder, An Appreciation

Conrad Rudolph, Communal Identity and the Earliest Christian Legislation on Art: Canon 36 of the Synod of Elvira

Christopher Norton, Richard of Fountains and the Letter of Thurstan: History and Historiography of a Monastic Controversy, St Mary’s Abbey, York, 1132

Glyn Coppack, “According to the Form of the Order”: The Earliest Cistercian Buildings in England and their Context

Janet Burton, Rievaulx Abbey: The Early Years

Jeans Rueffer, Aelred of Rievaulx and the Institutional Limits of Monastic Friendship

Emilia Jamroziak, Making and Breaking the Bonds: Yorkshire Cistercians and their Neighbours

Alexandra Gajewski, The Architecture of the Choir at Clairvaux Abbey: Saint Bernard and the Cistercian Principle of Conspicuous Poverty

Richard Fawcett, Culross Abbey

Nicola Coldstream, The Late Twelfth-Century Rebuilding of the Cenacle on Mount Sion and the Fortunes of a Style

Lindy Grant, Savigny and its Saints

Lawrence Butler, The Lost Choir: What Was Built at Three Cistercian Abbey Churches in Wales?

Stuart Harrison, “I lift up mine eyes”: A Re-Evaluation of the Tower in Cistercian Architecture in Britain and Ireland

Malcolm Thurlby, The Crossing of Fountains Abbey Church

Ellen M. Shortell, Turris basilice innixe: The Western tower of the Collegiate Church of Saint-Quentin

Nigel Hiscock, The Two Cistercian Plans of Villard of Honnecourt

Sheila Bonde and Clark Maines, Ne aliquis extraneus claustrum intret: Entry and Access at the Augustinian Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, Soissons

David N. Bell, Chambers, Cells and Cubicles: The Cistercian General Chapter and the Development of the Private Room

Jackie Hall, East of the Cloister: Infirmaries, Abbots’Lodgings and Other Chambers

David H. Williams, Cistercian Grange Chapels

Michael T. Davis, Cistercians in the City: The Church of the Collège Saint-Bernard in Paris

Thomas Coomans, From Flanders to Scotland: The Choir Stalls of Melrose Abbey in the Fifteenth Century

Mark Horton, A Bell-founders Pit at the Cistercian Abbey of Grosbot (Charente)

Helen Zakin, Stained Glass Panels from Mariawald Abbey in The Cleveland Museum of Art

Christine Kratzke, De laudibus Virginis Matris: The Untold Story of a Standing Infant Jesus, a Venerating Monk and a Movable Madonna from Dargun Abbey

Danielle V. Johnson, with the assistance of Lore Holmes, Fingerprinting Stone from Saint-Remi in Reims

Donna L. Sadler, Predictions, Prophecies, Prose, and Poetry on the Reverse Façade of Reims Cathedral

Jennifer S. Alexander, Bardney Abbey, Lincolnshire: Benedictine with a Cistercian Flavour

James D’Emilio, The Cistercians and the Romanesque Churches of Galicia: Compostela or Clairvaux?

Chrysogonus Waddell, Cistercian Influence on the Abbey of the Paraclete? Plotting Data from the Paraclete Book of Burials, Customary, and Necrology

Virginia Jansen, Cistercian Threads in the Fabric of Canterbury and Salisbury Cathedrals

Carolyn Marino Malone, Cistercian Design in the Choir and Transept of Wells Cathedral

Lisa Reilly, Beating their Swords into Set Squares

Jason Wood, Furness Abbey: A Case Study in Monastic Secularisation

Terryl N. Kinder, Planting over the Past: An Unknown Episode in the Post-monastic History of Pontigny Abbey